12 Steps

of Unhealthy Anonymous

Note From Dr. Pete

They have come from far and wide over the last decade — people with no hope. Individuals who have been to specialist after specialist, but who still remain confused and hopeless about the answer to the question, “What happened to my health, and how can I get it back?” We’ve learned how to extend the length of human life, but what good is that if the quality of that life is lousy? The people I have seen in my practice who have struggled the most with health don’t concern me as much as those who falsely assume they are healthy just because they feel good.

See, I was that person. I felt good, and my wife and family all felt great. Like most people, I thought that feeling good meant that I was healthy. I subscribed to the popular philosophy, “if it ain’t broke — don’t fix it!”  Then I began to recall all the people I have known who felt great and still died of a heart attack; felt great and then were diagnosed with cancer; felt great and slowly deteriorated with high blood pressure, type II diabetes, and arthritis.  After caring for over a million patients from all over the world in the course of the last thirteen years, I now have a whole new perspective. Feeling good doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy!  Often, a person can be in more danger when they think they are fine than the person who feels bad all the time.

So if you are one of those people who is searching for answers to your health problems, this is for you!  It is not the next fad diet, medical craze, or magic pill. Simply, these are the steps out of the mess you are in — the 12 steps to a healthier, happier life!  These are the necessary steps to transform your life and health — to help you recapture what you thought was gone forever!

If the captain of the Titanic had realized the importance of slowing down, and had recognized the danger of that iceberg in the North Atlantic, history would have turned out differently! So if you are having a health crisis, or if you are headed towards that inevitable iceberg, take heart! You are about to change your own history! Personally, I would rather be at death’s door and be willing to move in the right direction than to assume that everything is fine, and be moving in the wrong direction. Together we will right the ship of your life, and get you moving in the right direction.

Will it be new?  Absolutely!  Will it be uncomfortable and challenging? Sometimes. A lot of the information you will learn will be a new perspective or paradigm of health. Once you begin to see the need to “slow down,” and realize the danger of the “icebergs” ahead of you, change will come naturally. You will regain a vibrancy, youthfulness, and joy you never thought possible!