Unhealthy Anonymous Education
This is a preview of a portion of the content that is available to you when you purchase the Annual UHA Education Program. Modules are also available on an individual basis. There are 12 education modules that make up the first year of UHA.
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12 Education Modules

When you sign up for an Annual Membership to UHA, you will receive access to 12 different education modules that will take you on a journey to improved health and the ability to manage stress. A new module is available every 30 days, allowing you to complete each module at your own pace. Upon completing the test at the end of the education module, you’ll open the next segment of your training.

Education Modules in Year One of UHA include:

Buffalo Chicken & Black Bean Wraps


Throughout Unhealthy Anonymous we emphasize that STRESS (whether that be physical, chemical, emotional or spiritual) is the true culprit in sickness and disease. We will show you how cancer, heart disease, learning disabilities, mental illness, neurological issues and autoimmune diseases can all be traced back to the underlying issue — the body has lost it’s ability to “adapt to” and “recover from” stress!

The 12 steps of Unhealthy Anonymous are the 12 keys that are the essentials to increasing resiliency to STRESS. Foundational to establishing your body’s resiliency to stress is the health of your gut which scientists, the medical community, and wellness experts now agree is your second brain which works hand in hand in determining the health of your body and the quality of your life.

Throughout these modules, we also establish an understanding of your gut’s role in creating a healthy and happy life. We reveal what destroys your digestive system, what heals it, and why getting and staying healthy doesn’t have to drain your pocket book, but rather can put money back in your pocket.


You will have access to a variety of resources including:

• Study Guides for Each Segment

• Videos by Dr. Pete that Guide Your Journey

• Detox Protocols

• Shopping Lists

• Menus, Recipes and Healthy Eating Options

• 21 Day Reboot to Get You Started

• Burst Fit Training

• Harmful Ingredient Guide

• And much more!

Module Collage