Unhealthy Anonymous

4 out of 5 Americans will be affected by heart disease, cancer, autism, dementia, or obesity.

Why? The answer is simple and is at the core of every disease and dysfunction – STRESS.  

Dr. Pete Sulack, America’s Leading Stress Expert™, for the first time ever, gives you 12 simple steps that will put you on the road to a happier and healthier life.

No fad diets, no extreme exercise programs and no magic formulas. This book provides:

  • * Proven methods to discover what your body needs to function at peak efficiency.
  • * Simple instructions to repair what may be out of sync.
  • * Easy steps to recapture your health and live the life you deserve.
  • * Unlimited support that will sustain the results you achieve.


No matter where you’re starting from, you can be on the road to revolutionizing your life through these 12 Steps. Unhealthy Anonymous is your “go to” guide to the happy, healthy life you’ve always wanted!

Recommendation: UHA Online Membership

This book is intended to be a companion to the UHA Online Program. The membership provides expanded information and resources (videos, articles, recipes, study guides, 21 Day Reboot and much more!) to help you take control of your life.